Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese method of hands on healing.  Reiki energy is the healing energy of the Universe. Through the use of certain techniques the practitioner administers healing energy via their hands to another. Reiki is a life force matrix of non-dualistic energy, which permeates all things. Reiki is applied via the hands and is activated by touch.  The practitioner of Reiki places their hands on the corresponding chakras, meridians and organs, transferring healing energy. Reiki energy simply passes through the practitioner, much like electricity through a wire, allowing both the recipient and the practitioner to receive the healing energy.

Whole Body Reiki Treatments | $50/hour
Chakra Balancing + Energy Clearing included

Please call 508-317-1987 or email to schedule an appt.
Various locations + home-visits available.

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