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“Jeeva” (Jiva): A Sanskrit term referring to the life force energy in each individual soul that is eternal + infinite.

Justine Crowley justinejeeva yogaJustine Crowley is a yoga instructor and nutrition enthusiast.  Her class style is fun, demanding, dynamic and core-focused.  Her workouts will keep you present and occupied, as well as assist in building strength and agility.  Justine encourages her students to not only enjoy their current fitness level and practice, but also motivates them to seek spiritual growth and physical transformation.  Her classes will have you feeling revitalized, clear, and eager to be your best self.

Justine has a passion for discovering techniques that create a sustainable mind, body and soul connection. She weaves these techniques seamlessly into her practice, with hopes that students will feel mentally and emotionally lighter after class.

Justine founded LoveAleta Soulwear, a handmade spiritual jewelry company which offers beautiful gemstone jewelry as a tool for mantra and meditation practice, as well as “embellishing your soul” in good vibes. The jewelry company is designed to offer healing to those around the world through Reiki energy and crystal properties, in honor of her late mother, Aleta. Check out her current collection at lovealeta.com.

“Jiva” reminds us that we are all unique by design and the first step towards positive transformation is to accept all parts of ourselves.  Through self-acceptance our true passions, natural talents, and original ideas emerge. When we seek inward we find our wholeness, and grant ourselves permission to expand through self-expression.

We all deserve to enjoy the way our mind, body + soul trulyconnect in each present moment.  Yoga is the catalyst to make this possible.

Now, let’s be confident in the beauty of our uniqueness and join together in acceptance, compassion, joy, success + good humor.

“This above all: To thine own self be true.” – W. Shakespeare

lotsalove, Justine

Certifications/Licensures: B.A. Social Psychology University of Massachusetts Boston | Reiki Practitioner Level II | 200hr RYT | Buti Yoga®,  Hot Buti®, Buti Sculpt® + Hot Core®.

All Photo credits: @JohnnieLowellPhotography + @PerrySanturriphotography

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